Permits and certification

The various divisions of the Ter Horst Group are in possession of all the necessary permits and certificates.
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The Ter Horst Group defines quality as the following three primary goals:

  1. Observance and imbedding of legislation and regulations;
  2. Customer satisfaction;
  3. Control of costs (optimum efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation).

These three primary goals are achieved by means of a number of secondary goals.

Staff policy
The Ter Horst Group implements a staff policy geared towards the achievement of the aforementioned primary goals. This starts during the recruitment phase with the search for inquisitive and motivated employees with the necessary knowledge levels. And even during their employment, employees maintain the desired levels through extra instruction and training.

Measuring equals knowledge
This secondary goal is achieved by means of external audits during which tests are carried out to make sure that processes take place as agreed and in an efficient and effective way. If this is not the case, specific improvement processes are initiated. The periodic release of base figures and the improvement of information systems also make vital contributions to quality.

Controlled investment
To sum it up, controlled investment by the Ter Horst Group means purchasing the right products – that conform to purchase criteria – at the right moment in time. Purchase criteria include user-friendliness, safety and contribution to the quality of tasks. All investments are obviously made in accordance with investment policy, with every investment expected to provide optimum returns.

Safety and the environment
Work is done with requirements surrounding safety and the environment in mind. Employees of the Ter Horst Group are given staff reference books containing safety guidelines, while all the necessary personal protective resources made available. The risk inventory & evaluation and the health & safety action plan are kept up-to-date by the KAM coordinator. The directives in our provincial environmental permit are also observed and integrated into operational processes. In January 2009, Ter Horst Sanering & Infra B.V. was granted VCA** certification.

Establishment of important operational processes
Over the past years, the most important operational processes of the Ter Horst Group have been captured, communicated within the company and thereby imbedded in the organisation. As of 31 July 2015, the quality system of Ter Horst Milieu B.V. has been certified according to the standards of NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008. The most significant environmental matters have also been incorporated into this quality system.

Handling of complaints
The Ter Horst Group does not consider complaints submitted by customers or other parties as criticism, but instead as an opportunity to further improve the organisation. Incoming complaints are registered on complaint forms by employees and are discussed internally. If necessary, improvement measures are formulated and implemented within the organisation. Complainants are always informed about the finalisation of complaints.


Safety forms an integral part of the corporate culture of the Ter Horst Group and is imbedded in our daily operations. Health, safety and the environment are matters that are handled proactively. This creates a safe working environment at our offices, operational sites and project sites.

The Ter Horst Group endeavours to exclude or limit operational risks as far as possible. Within this context, personal protective resources are made available to employees. These resources may only be used if neutralisation at the source is not possible, if danger cannot be isolated or if collective protection cannot be provided. The way in which personal protective resources must be used is described in the safety guidelines as detailed in the staff reference book. In addition to these general safety guidelines, these reference books contain more specific guidelines related to health, safety and the environment. Observance of these guidelines is supervised by direct superiors, management and the KAM coordinator. Past experiences have shown us that employees confront one another in case of behaviour or actions that violate these guidelines.

Ter Horst Sanering & Infra is VCA** certified. The operational managers of our various divisions are in possession of VOL-VCA certification, while relevant employees are qualified in terms of VCA basic safety. The Ter Horst Group attaches much value to the training of its employees and has therefore drawn up a company-based training plan in conjunction with a specialist partner. This plan contains training in the field of safety, e.g. ‘Recognising asbestos’ and ‘Roadworks safety’ courses, as well as training within a broader context. We are actively presenting driver training in order to, amongst others, improve driving habits and instil the principles of energy-efficient driving. This results in safer, more economical and environmentally-friendly driving habits.

It goes without saying that the Ter Horst Group also complies with all legal requirements surrounding employment conditions. An updated risk inventory and evaluation and a corresponding plan of action are in place, with the listed risks linked to control measures governed by deadlines and responsible individuals.

All-in-all, the Ter Horst Group has a good grip on the employment conditions within its organisation. But we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. To support the importance that even the board attaches to the Health, Safety and Environmental Policy (VGM), it has set up a VGM policy statement. The board considers it its duty to make this statement crystal clear to the group’s (temporary) staff.