Waste collection

Ter Horst Group collects household waste and GFT waste on behalf of six municipalities by applying the latest technological and logistical concepts, including the use of side loaders, underground (compacting) containers, route optimisation with the help of special software, differentiating rates, container management and the implementation of recycling centres. In consultation with municipalities, we identify the ideal collection solutions.

Paper collection

Ter Horst Group handles the collection of scrap paper in various municipalities, both with and without the help of volunteers assigned by associations and schools.

Mechanised sweeping

Municipalities call on Ter Horst Group when it comes to creating a clean living environment. We periodically sweep streets and squares to give public areas a well-maintained appearance. Ter Horst Group also clears refuse after markets, fairs, carnivals and other events. Nooks that cannot be accessed by sweeper vehicles are first cleared by hand, after which the sweeper vehicles round off the cleaning of these public surfaces.

Cleaning of street and sewer outlets

Street and sewer outlets are periodically cleaned to prevent blockages. Our drain cleaning vehicles are especially active in the springtime and at the end of autumn when trees have shed their leaves. A GPRS system on the suction hose is used to determine the precise locations of outlets. This gives municipalities an accurate idea of the number and locations of street and sewer outlets thanks to digital reports provided by Ter Horst Group after every round of cleaning.

Sewerage system inspection and cleaning

Ter Horst Group also handles the inspection (including gradient measurements) and cleaning of sewerage systems. This is done with the latest equipment and by qualified, certified staff. Inspections and reports comply with the NEN-3399 standard.

Operation of municipal waste disposal sites

In addition to its own recycling depots in Varsseveld, Goor and Veenendaal, Ter Horst also manages municipal waste disposal sites. Here, we position containers for all waste flows, operate weighbridges and assist community members who visit the disposal sites.

Civil engineering, asbestos decontamination and demolition tasks

Ter Horst Group frequently conducts projects related to civil engineering, asbestos decontamination and demolition on behalf of municipalities. Our company is in possession of VCA and BRL5050 certification, so municipal projects are executed safely by qualified staff. Click here to view more information on the Sanering & Infra page.