Sheeting and polystyrene collection

Ter Horst Group has developed its own system for the collection of sheeting and polystyrene, two waste types that are highly recyclable if they comply with acceptance criteria. Separating the flows of sheeting and polystyrene waste can lead to considerable savings in relation to the removal of these flows if unseparated.


Sheeting is collected in perforated 400 litre bags that can be hung from a special brace. Full bags of sheeting can be collected separately or can be collected with paper if placed beside the wheeled paper container. Because the bags are perforated, they do not burst in the compacter vehicle and can simply be removed during the sorting process at the paper plant for separate recycling.



Polystyrene is collected in 1000 litre bags that can likewise be hung from special braces. Full bags of polystyrene are collected and processed into e.g. new polystyrene.