Collection of scrap iron, metals and paper

We have been collecting scrap iron, metals and steel for more than 40 years and have grown to become one of the largest collectors in the east of the Netherlands. We deliver directly to metal forgers, so we are always able to offer the best prices for your scrap metals. We supply collection resources, ranging from wheeled containers for e.g. aluminium or copper to 40 m³ containers for stainless steel or scrap iron.

Waste collection

Ter Horst Group is your ideal partner for the management of virtually all possible waste flows. Whether these involve iron & metals, rubble, construction and demolition waste, scrap wood, garden waste, residual waste, chemical waste, paper, archive destruction or other waste flows, Ter Horst Group will give you sound advice. We will gladly examine your processes and provide you with tailor-made recommendations for the separation of waste. This will benefit the environment and save plenty of money for your company! See our container range for a rundown of our collection resources. Do you need a 120 litre wheeled container or a 25 m³ compacting container? We will gladly advise you on which collection resource suits your situation!

Sweeping of sites and cleaning of drain outlets

Ter Horst Group gladly helps you improve the tidiness, safety and appearance of your site. We charge attractive rates to clean entire company sites. Nooks and crannies that cannot be accessed by our sweeper vehicles are not a problem! These are first swept by hand, after which our sweeper vehicles round off the job. Your site paving will once again look spic ‘n span. We also clean drain outlets on sites, thereby preventing them from getting blocked.