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Ter Horst Group – your expert in the collection and recycling of lead-acid batteries and traction batteries

Ter Horst Group is your ideal partner for the collection and recycling of lead-acid and traction batteries. We provide reliable services related to the storage, transport, sorting and processing of lead-acid and traction batteries. We offer you the opportunity to dispose of and recycle lead-acid and traction batteries in a safe, responsible and environmentally-friendly way. Ter Horst Group will gladly assist you in recycling your lead-acid or traction batteries.

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What are lead-acid and traction batteries?

Currently, lead-acid and traction batteries are the most common power source for vehicle starter motors. Traction batteries are larger batteries used in e.g. cherry pickers, agricultural machinery and forklifts. The advantages of lead-acid and traction batteries over other batteries are their relatively low cost, good power-to-weight ratio and high current output. For these reasons, lead-acid batteries are often used to power vehicle starter motors. Lead-acid and traction batteries can be identified by the PB symbol.

Ter Horst Group complies with rules and regulations governing the recycling of lead-acid and traction batteries

In addition to transport equipment for efficient and effective collection, Ter Horst also has all the required permits and certification, so you can at all times prove that your batteries have been disposed of by an authorised company. So, do not simply discard your lead-acid or traction batteries in general waste, because the recycled materials from lead-acid batteries can be used to make new lead-acid batteries. The largest part of a lead battery is recycled! We handle the entire waste administration process.

What are lead-acid and traction batteries found in?

Lead-acid batteries power the starter motors of nearly all modern cars. These batteries provide electricity for various functions, such as starting the engine and powering the lights. Traction batteries are also used to power forklifts. In this application, battery mass is used as a handy stabilising counterweight.

There are many types of lead-acid and traction batteries:

  • Starter batteries: these are mainly found in cars, motorcycles, boats, buses and trucks. Starter batteries are also known as car batteries. Traction batteries are used for vehicles such as forklifts and electric pallet trucks. Starter batteries can provide large amounts of current for a short period of time. This is the least expensive type of battery.
  • Stationary batteries: these mainly act as emergency power supplies for power stations, computer systems, hospitals, ships, telephone exchanges, security systems and the chemical industry. These stationary batteries, also known as semi-traction batteries, provide lower amounts of current than starter batteries.
  • (Full-) traction batteries: these batteries have a longer lifespan than stationary batteries, but are also considerably more expensive.

Collection and safe transport of lead-acid and traction batteries by Ter Horst Group

Every day, multiple trips are taken from our branches in the Netherlands and abroad. We have rear-loading semi-trailers for the collection and exchange of pallet boxes filled with lead-acid and traction batteries, while we use stainless steel tipper trailers to collect large loads of loosely discarded lead-acid batteries and transport them to recyclers. Pallet boxes are left at your site free of charge. Our modern fleet complies with all environmental regulations and the collection of your batteries is sustainable thanks to our efficient and effective scheduling.

Best price guaranteed by Ter Horst Group

Thanks to our international network and our position as Benelux market leader, we can offer you the best prices!
After every collection, you will immediately receive a credit note with accompanying payment. We make sure that payment is quick and correct.

Do you have any questions about the recycling of your lead-acid and traction batteries by Ter Horst Group?

Our qualified and motivated employees are happy to go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Our employees will gladly help you.

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Why do we recycle?

  • better for the environment
  • reducing greenhouse effect
  • saving raw materials
  • promote the circular economy
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